Dogs = Costumes Page

Ref # Actual Photo Description

DC1 Cowgal

DC2 Frozen Princess

DC3 Dorothy Wizard of Oz

DC4 Mexican Harness Dress
DC5 Mexican Harness Vest
DC6 Colourful Poncho
Picture with compliment by Jake & Jester

DC7 School Girl Apparell

DC8 Superdog

DC9 Cowboy with gun , Sherrif Badge , White Cowboy Hat and Red Bandanna

DC10 Mossy Oak harness dress

DC11 Snow White

DC10 Bailey as Minnie Mouse

DC11 Tennis Dress & cap

DC12 Sailor Girl

DC13 Daniel Boone
Picture with compliment by Jake

DC14 Chamber Maid

DC15 Nurse

DC16 Bumble Bee

DC17 Alien

DC18 Poodle harness dress

DC19 Rambo /Army

DC20 Fire Fighter

DC21 Country Girl
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