Fleece Jackets & Pullover

Ref # Actual Photo Description

FJP1A Colourful dots fleece sweater pullover

FJP1B Paws fleece dress

FJP1C Nightgown fleece with lace & bow

FJP1D Fleece sweaters
Purple blue print
Floral print

FJP2 Fleece sweaters
Hot pink leopard print SOLD OUT
Grey pink plaid print

FJP2A Dark grey I love paws fleece sweater with D-ring (optional)

FJP2B I woof you dog print hoodie

FJP2C Floral print fleece sweater pullover

FJP2A Paws Heart print fleece sweater pullover

FJP3 I Woof You Doggy print Fleece Hoodie with D-ring attached

FJP3A Doggies print fleece sweater pullover

FJP4 Col0urful dots print fleece sweater pullover

FJP5 Blue Fleece Hooded Pullover

FJP5A Blue plaid fleece dress

FJP6 Hearts paws fleece dress

FJP7 Hearts paws print hoodies

FJP8 Dachshund hoodies no d-ring

FJP9 Black white checker fleece sweater

FJP10 Pink fleece glamour gal sweater with pretty pink boas! with Velcro under chest

FJP11 Fleece sweaters
Black zebra with pink trimming
Lime green leopard print

FJP12 Purple fleece sweater with yellow trimming and matching Tobbagon
Optional: Tobbagon

FJP13 Colourful plaid hoodies

FJP14 Pink coral plaid fleece pullover sweater

FJP15 Tie dyed fleece sweater pullover

FJP16 Zebra print pullover with hot pink trimming.
Optional: Hot Pink Tobbagon

FJP17 Red Plaid Hooded Sweater with D-ring attached.
Temporary out of stock

FJP18 Blue plaid fleece dress

FJP19 Candy cane plush fleece sweater pullover

FJP20 Solid hot pink fleece hoodies with D-ring

Also available in other colours on request

FJP21 Hot pink black plaid fleece Hoodie

FJP22 Christmas gnome push fleece sweater

FJP23 Fish print fleece hoodies pullover
FJP23A Pink paws fleece sweater

FJP24 Dachshund print fleece Sweater

FJP25 Purple black plaid hoodies pullover

FJP26 Blue dogs print fleece sweater with D-ring

FJP27 Lumberjack print fleece pullover sweater

FJP28 Tie dyed fleece hoodies with D-ring attached

FJP29 Robots fleece sweater

FJP30 Pink white dots print fleece sweater pullover

FJP31 Pink brown cheetah print fleece sweater pullover

FJP32 Brown beige paws print fleece sweater
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