Dogs = Costumes Page

Ref # Actual Photo Description

DC1 Cowgal

DC2 Gone with the wind costume

DC3 Dorothy Wizard of Oz

DC4 Mexican Harness Dress
DC5 Mexican Harness Vest
DC6 Colourful Poncho
Picture with compliment by Jake & Jester

DC7 School Girl Apparell

DC8 Superdog

DC9 Cowboy with gun , Sherrif Badge , White Cowboy Hat and Red Bandanna

DC10 Mossy Oak harness dress

DC11 Snow White

DC10 Bailey as Minnie Mouse

DC11 Tennis Dress & cap

DC12 Sailor Girl

DC13 Daniel Boone
Picture with compliment by Jake

DC14 Chamber Maid

DC15 Nurse

DC16 Bumble Bee

DC17 Alien

DC18 Poodle harness dress

DC19 Rambo /Army

DC20 Fire Fighter

DC21 Country Girl
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