Dogs = Winter Wear

Ref # Actual Photo Description
WC1 Note: All Winter coats are with D-ring
Available in Size 5 - 10 for all designs
subject to availability of fabric upon orders.

Assorted Christmas Plush fleece coats
White polar bears out of stock

WC2 Red Blue fleece coat

WC2A Blue snowflakes plush fleece coat

WC2A Pink white dots fleece coat with bow

WC2B Black white fleece coat with pink bow & pink base .

WC3 Zebra Print coat with Hot Pink Boas
Material: Cotton (Top) Fleece (Based)

WC3A Floral print fleece coat with bow

WC4 Lime green green cheetah print Fleece coat with bow

WC5 Mermaid print fleece coat

WC6 Teal black plaid fleece coat

WC7 Colourful dots with bow

WC8 Carol pink plaid print fleece coat

WC9 Blue stars fleece coat

WC9A Red white snowflakes fleece winter coat

WC10 Nautical rope knots print fleece coat

WC10A Tie dyed fleece coat

WC11 Colourful hearts print fleece coat

WC12 Tiger Stripe Print coat with black boas

WC13 Hot pink plush fleece winter coat with bow & diamond

WC14 Red & Black 'Lumber Jack" print fleece harness vest

WC15 Hearts paws fleece winter coat with bow

WC16 Yellow winter coat with collar with Black Fleece Base
WC17 Fushia White Leopard print fleece winter coat

WC18 I love paws dark grey print fleece coat

WC19 Fleece Winter Coat
Beige paws print OUT OF STOCK
I woof you doggies grey print

WC20 Pink Mink winter coat with collar
Material: Artificial Pink Mink (Top) Fleece (Inside)
Optional: Fleece pink tobbagon

WC21 Red black white zigzag print fleece winter coat

WC22 Black Fleece Winter Coat with collar with Yellow Fleece Base

WC23 Blue Plaid Fleece Winter coat

WC24 Tie dyed fleece coat

WC25 Pink grey coat with matching tobbagon (optional) bow &

WC26 Blue plaid print Fleece coat

WC27 Red Satin Chinese Winter coat without collar with chinese button & gold trimming
Material: Chinese Satin (Top) Fleece (Inside)

WC28 Blue white snowflakes fleece coat

WC29 Lime Green Black Tiger Stripe Fleece coat

WC30 Hot Pink black giraffe print fleece coat

WC31 Red black checker print fleece winter coat

WC32 Purple Polka dots print winter coat with collar
Material: Cotton (Top) Fleece (Inside)

WC33 Pink black plaid fleece coat

WC34 Lady bugs print fleece coats with bow

WC35 Pink True Timber camouflage fleece coat

WC36 Red Fleece Coat with Black & Gold roses with black boas!

WC37 Black White Zebra print fleece coat with 3 pretty satin bows

WC38 Red snowflakes fleece coat

WC39 Blue red plaid fleece coat

WC40 Plush floral fleece with bow

WC41 Fleece coat with bow

WC42 Paws print fleece coat

WC43 Grey pink Plaid Fleece coat with bow

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