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Ref # Actual Photo Description
CHIN1 Hot Pink Chinese Satin Flora Print Harness Vest with black lace

CHIN2 Blue Satin Chinese Harness Vest with Black Buttons

Black Red Dragon Print Chinese Harness Vest

CHIN4 Hot Pink Chinese Satin Dress with Chinese Button

(Size 5)

CHIN5 Blue Chinese Satin Dress with Chinese Button
(Size 6)

CHIN6 Pink Chinese Satin Cheong-Sum with Chinese Button
Shown Size 5 & 6
Available in any sizes

CHIN7 Light Pink Chinese Harness Vest with Chinese button
Size 5
Available in any sizes

CHIN8 Hot Pink Chinese Top with Black Pleated Skirt
Available in any sizes

CHIN9 Green Chinese Satin Harness

Green Chinese Satin Dress

CHIN10 Pink Satin Chinese Dress with Gold Dragon and Yellow Chinese Button

CHIN11 Red Chinese Satin Dress with Black Chinese Button

CHIN12 Blue Chinese kids print harness vest

CHIN13 Pink Oriental Gown with collar , sleeve and netting skirt

CHIN14 Light Pink Chinese Dress

CHIN15 Bright Blue Butterfly Print Oriental Dress with Gold Lace and Chinese Button

CHIN16 Gold Flora Chinese Silk Harness Vest

CHIN17 Green Dragon Chinese Silk Harness Vest
CHIN18 Red tiny flora print harness vest

CHIN19 Kirara in her Hot Pink Cherry Blossom dress with gold chinese button
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